T&GO Micro finance

Motor Loan

TGO, provides financing all kinds of Motorcycles (brand new only) for personal transportation or business purposes. You can select your preferred motor from our concessionaire dealers for your vieving and visitation. Motor loans are typically taken out for a period of up to 36 months. You can enjoy monthly installment which can enhance your financial management instead of full settlement of principal at the end of tenure. No collateral required for car loan except the vehicle registration card will be pledged as collateral. Contact our concessionaire dealers from one of three provinces nearest to you.


Loan Condition For Motor

  1. Age of Borrower and guarantor: 18 - 59 (years old)
  2. Year made of product: Less than 5 years
  3. Down Payment: More than 10 %  up
  4. Tenure: Max: 2 years
  5. Loan size: Max: 5,000 USD